2 Sick Monkeys – Into Oblivion [Double Album]

After almost 20 years and over 1000 gigs, 2 Sick Monkeys hang up their sticks and strings.

2 Sick Monkeys

Before they leave the UK one brilliant band short they did us all a huge favour. They recorded Into Oblivion, the colossal double album and cut it onto green vinyl.



Working alongside Back From The Dead, Deadlamb, One Step Outside, Pumpkin, Shatterpunk, Smegma, Uncomfortable Beach Party and Urinal Vinyl to produce vinyl and CD copies of Into Oblivion, Antipop Records stocks 12″ double green vinyl copies and offers digital download (also free with each vinyl order)

Amassing an underground and cult-like status among the punk scene wherever they ventured the number of people involved in the recording shows what a popular pillar of punk 2SM are.

A lyric video for These Are The Things That Don’t Seem Like Much To Me features an additional monkey; Ed Ache (minor discomfort band, casual nausea, ICH, etc etc.) He wrote the lyrics and sings the vocals.

Also available from Antipop Records Bandcamp.