Artist FAQs

  • General queries

07930 120 276

  • Missing albums

If an entire release is missing from your report this is likely because it was a joint release and the distributor has not registered it to the correct label. Please let me know as soon as and we can track it.

  • Missing tracks

This could be a number of reasons; the track has zero streams /  downloads or the track has been mislabelled and missed off the report. I can check if you let know.

  • Login details

You don’t need a Google account to view the digital reports online. If you don’t have the personalised link to your online folder please let me know and I will resend.

  • Small text, can’t read?

I try to put all reports on one page. If you have a lot of data it can be hard to read. Let me know and I can try to make it easier.

  • Payment details

If you want to settle your account at any time I can calculate and issue you with an invoice. I don’t keep any bank details on file so you will need to to send them. Get in touch.

  • Up-to-date info

New releases, line-up changes, new website, tour planned, new press photos, a new video. Whatever you have going on, I want to know about it! Even if it’s writing and jamming. Send your photos, I’ll be happy to share them online via the website and social media.